Travel Guide to Lookout Mountain

Your guide to Chattanooga, Tennessee and Lookout Mountain! Hint: You’re gonna want to visit here.

Cheyenne here back with another blog post! Today I’m bringing you the start of a series I like to call “Travel Guides”-which are just as they sound: travel guides to certain destinations and areas based on my experiences and research!

For the first travel guide post, we’re going to talk about Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga. I went there earlier in the year, and loved it! I hope you can take this information to visit soon and have the best time possible. 🥰

First, let’s discuss Lookout Mountain specifically! Lookout Mountain has 3 main components: the Incline Railway, Rock City (what I did, and where you can see the Lover’s Leap and 7 states), and Ruby Falls. Because of COVID, when we went you had to book your tickets in advance, so be sure to check before you go!

The incline railway looked SUPER cool, but it was closed when we went 😦 It goes from the top of the mountain to the bottom, and at the bottom it has a little town with some restaurants and shops.

Rock City is an outdoor self guided tour where you can see waterfalls, seven states, bridges, AMAZING views, and a fairyland cavern at the end with neon gnomes and fairytales as you walked through.

“Swing-A-Long Bridge”
See Seven States!
Lover’s Leap (there are many Lover’s Leaps allllll over the world)
Some snaps from “Fairyland Caverns”
Some snaps from “Fairyland Caverns”

Ruby Falls, which we should have done but decided against it at the last minute, is an underground cavern with a waterfall! Super cool, right?? I gotta go back to see the falls soon!

For more information on Lookout Mountain specifically, visit!

Now, let’s discuss Chattanooga, Tennessee! 💁‍♀️

We didn’t do much in Chattanooga, but I’ll break down what we did do and recommend some places based on what I researched!

First, we walked around at “Warehouse Row” which is a little area of shops and such located in an older building. It was pretty, but not many places to our liking to shop in.

Next, we went to eat at “Puckett’s”. It was a grocery and restaurant in one. I had the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich (which I usually love to get at restaurants that have them) and it was DELICIOUS.

Then, we walked around by the bridge close to Puckett’s and saw some Indian markings and symbols with descriptions as to what it meant. It was really neat to learn about! (pictures below)

Finally, we went to the mall and shopped around a bit (I believe it was Hamilton Place Mall).

Some places I’ve heard are worth visiting in Chattanooga but we didn’t get to:

The aquarium! We walked past it while walking around by Puckett’s and the bridge, and it looked so fancy. Supposedly it’s the largest freshwater aquarium in the world as well, so check it out!

Raccoon Mountain-an underground cavern where you can explore, plus there’s go carting as well!

There are also tons of art museums in town, so if that’s your thing go check those out 😀

Lastly, what I’ve rounded up for you guys to check out in Chattanooga (there’s obviously more than this, however!) is the Chattanooga Market, which supposedly like a huge farmer’s market with music and art. Super bummed out we didn’t make it there!

Before I end this post, I wanted to discuss one more thing we did on our trip! So we stayed in a small town called Monteagle, Tennessee as we had a camping cabin to stay at there. Near our camping cabin, there was a waterfall trail we went on that I really enjoyed that was about a mile long called “Greeter Falls” and another small hike we went on that forks off from Greeter Falls which was called Blue Hole Trail. Below are some pictures of Greeter Falls! (it was prettier in my opinion)

View from above the falls

We had a great time our trip visiting all of these places, and I hope you guys get to visit as well! If you do, tag me in your posts and leave a comment below letting me know how it went ❤️

Thank you for reading and as always, make sure you check out my socials for more content and subscribe to my email list to get updated when I post a new blog post 🙂 happy blogging, y’all!

Activities You MUST Do This Fall!

There’s something for everyone, and they’re pandemic friendly.

1. Go to an orchard and pick apples, drink apple cider, take cute fall pictures, etc.

With the apples you pick, you can make an apple pie, candy apples, and delicious goodies for later. If you haven’t tried hot apple cider….YOU’RE MISSING OUT! It’s my absolute fave.

Orchards make great backdrops for cute fall pictures, so wear your cutest fall outfit and get to snapping pics!

2. Paint/carve pumpkins!

My personal preference is to paint pumpkins because it’s more artsy and I don’t like the mess of carving pumpkins, but whichever you prefer is fine! Both can be super fun and are definitely on the top of the list.

3. Hiking

If you have a park nearby, fall is the perfect time to go exploring outdoors and seeing the changing colors of the leaves 😍 If no parks or nature centers are near you, take a drive to one and go see the scenery fall has to offer, I promise it’s worth it! Plus, smelling the crisp, fall air is sooooooo refreshing and calming, and it’s nice to clear your head and get away from everything every once in a while.

4. Haunted houses!

I LOVE haunted houses, so I had to add this to the list. Most haunted houses in my area are still open during the pandemic with limited people in your group and everyone wearing a mask, so make sure you add it to the list of fall activities you’re definitely doing.

Also, be sure to check out ghost tours if you’re extraaaaaa brave. Ghost tours typically walk you through a town or building’s historically haunted sites and give you some background on it.

5. Go on a hayride, go through a corn maze, etc.

All the best fall festivities! These are usually found at an orchard, market, fall festival, etc. so be on the lookout.

6. Declutter your house

New season=a fresh start to sort through your stuff and get rid of anything you don’t currently wear or need. Sell or donate unwanted items!

7. Take a scenic drive

Go on a drive (one of my favorite things to do-it really helps you destress) with the music up and a coffee in the cupholder to a destination where the fall scenery is really beautiful and poppin’. 😍

8. Have a bake-off with friends and family

Fill up your kitchen with warm, yummy scents and a little healthy competition between loved ones with a bake off. Not only is it a fun activity, but at the end of it all, you’ll have an array of delicious baked goods to eat afterwards.

9. Do some fun fall arts and crafts

Time to get creative! Use your favorite fall colors, some fall props, such as leaves, pumpkins, gourds, etc. and get to work on your project. If you have kids, this is a fun way to make some memories with them and add some personalization to your arts and crafts. You can gift your craft to a loved one or use it for home decor.

10. Halloweentown movie night/scary movie night

Okay, so it doesn’t have to be Halloweentown, or a scary movie for that matter, but whatever your favorite fall or Halloween-themed movie is have a movie night with your favorite food and snacks at hand!

(btw….Halloweentown is a great movie and so are the sequels, so if you haven’t watched the, you should check them out 😄)

11.Fall/Halloween photoshoots!

So I’ve mentioned taking cute pictures at orchards and such, but why not have a full on photoshoot? Fall is the PERFECT time to do so-it makes a great backdrop. Go somewhere scenic, such as nature where the leaves are changing, or a building that the colors really pop and there are some leaves around it, and start snapping.

Also, Halloween photoshoots are all the rage now. Get yourself some props and a photographer friend (or hey, maybe you’ve got this on your own 💁‍♀️) and spook away.

12. Make a list of everything and everyone you’re grateful for

Thanksgiving is in fall, and what better way to take part than to make a list of all you’re grateful for and keep it somewhere where you can look at it every day? Show appreciation for these things and people you have in mind, and for yourself too!

That’s it, folks! I’m so excited for fall to be here, although I’m a bit sad to see summer go 😦 What are your thoughts? What activities will you be trying this fall? Let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to follow me on my socials (I’m on TikTok now- find me here) for more content!

Valuable Skills You Need in Your Career, Relationships, and in Life (Part 1)

Welcome back to my blog everyone! This is definitely going to be a multiple post series, so we’ll call this Part 1.

As I’m getting older (I sound like I’m just a bag of bones already but I’m only 21 🤣) it’s evident you need to have certain skills in your life in order to succeed. Some of these skills come naturally as you go through life and mature, and some you need to buckle down and put in the work to learn yourself.

Today’s post won’t cover every single valuable skill you need to have, but it will cover some I feel are important and is a good basis to start with for Part 1.

  1. Learn how to say “NO”

This is something I’m currently learning. I love helping people, and I believe that it’s GREAT to be kind, helpful, and loving to everyone you meet because you never know what someone is going through! So when people ask for my help, I feel SO bad for saying no or even wanting to say no, because I don’t want others to dislike me, think I’m just too busy for them or don’t care, or have no one else to turn to if I can’t help. But what I’ve been trying to learn lately is that it’s OKAY to say no sometimes, it’s actually encouraged! You cannot carry the entire weight of the world on your shoulders. Your shoulders aren’t that big. Even if you’ve been lifting. 💁‍♀️

You need time to do stuff for you, let your mind rest, and learn how to even utter the words “no”. Plus, if you do say no, the world won’t stop turning. If that person needed help and they’re reasonable, they should be able to understand you can’t handle anything else at the moment, but that you do care about them.

2. On the flip side of this, it’s okay to be TOLD no

Rejection hurts. Whether it be friends turning on you, a boyfriend breaking up with you over text (@ all 2 of my ex’s), or the dream job you’ve worked so hard for and they didn’t want you….it hurts! Why weren’t you good enough? What did you do wrong? What could you have done be-

Let me stop you right there! While it’s good to think back and reflect on things you know you could’ve done better and learn from that, you can’t dwell on it and let it crush you! You are a BOSS, period. Some things just aren’t meant to be. Better things are coming your way. So take your losses and rejections, let yourself feel the emotions, and boss up. It’s okay. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, it means that wasn’t the time and place for you to be. Learn from it!

3. Time Management

So your boss wants you to finish up an important document by tonight, but your friend you haven’t seen in forever wants to go grab a drink. If you had good time management skills, you would tell your friend you couldn’t grab a drink tonight, but maybe another night would work better. If you had bad time management skills, you might go out for the drink anyways, get a liiiiiiittle too drunk to finish the document, and fail your boss, which leads to you getting in trouble and potentially getting fired. And who wants that?

Time management is not only important with a career, but also with your social life, education, relationships, etc. You need to make sure you spend your time wisely, and that you put the most important and deadline-looming things first. That being said, if you are over-consumed with work and aren’t giving your SO or friends any quality time, that’s not very good time management either! They need love too, not just your job. That is actually a big reason why some couples have issues is because work consumes one of their lives, and the other is left feeling abandoned. Yes, work IS important, get those deadlines done, but sometimes work can push you too hard and you need to step in and say “Hey, this is too much right now, can I get a deadline pushed back a day?”

4. Communication

Learn how to talk to others-this may seem simple, and looking at it in words it is, but it’s harder than it sounds. Communication means all aspects of it, such as having the hard and uncomfortable talks with someone when there’s a problem. Learn how to talk through problems and not argue-there’s a difference. Communicate how you feel and why you feel this way by being open and honest.

For me, sometimes I avoid certain topics of conversation because I know I’ll get emotional- whether that be because I’m upset, or just because it’s an emotional/sensitive topic, or because I’m a big crybaby sometimes (lol). However, it’s important to talk through things even if they may bring up emotions. If you hold things in, it’ll be pushed back further and further until one day it’ll just all explode out and turn into a big argument, which is by far worse than it could’ve been.

p.s. I’m a Communication Major, so if any of y’all ever want to talk about Communications with me just shoot me a DM on Instagram or leave me a comment on my blog posts!

5. Budgeting! (money movessss)

How are you going to do anything if you are reckless with your money? It’s seriously such a turn off for me if you don’t know how to control your money. It’s one thing to go on a shopping spree every once in a while, but if you are always doing so and never have money in your account or have ANY type of savings account at all……what are you doing??

No matter how young or old you are, if you don’t have a savings account, DO IT NOW! Start saving however much you can. Make a monthly budget starting with all of your expenses you have to pay. After that, start including your expenses like grocery allowance, gas allowance, going out to eat allowance, etc. and adjust as needed. Don’t go over what you allow yourself to have!

6. Take Accountability for Yourself

This is important-if you don’t take accountability for yourself and your actions, you can’t improve on yourself. You have to be honest with yourself and accept criticism. Trust me, I don’t take criticism well either-especially if it’s coming from people close to me-however it’s important to listen with an open heart and mind and know they mean well.

Take any criticism and use it to build on yourself and improve what you need to. No one is perfect, and it’s okay to admit you’re not either! This is what taking accountability is all about-understanding and admitting you have work to do to be the best you can be, and taking the steps to do for yourself and your loved ones.

7. Write (a Resume)

Writing in general is a great skill that you need to take hold of in life, even if you think your dream job won’t utilize much writing. Things such as punctuation, grammar, and spelling can be game changers, and one mistake can make you go from looking professional and polished to looking like you don’t care.

When it comes to careers, resumes are HIGHLY important and you need to learn how to write them and what specific skills you have so you can brag on yourself 😉 Really hone in on your skills and know how to accentuate them to make you stand out in the best way possible.

Not to mention, writing can help you feel less pressure of day to day life-such as journaling. Learn how to express yourself and what you truly feel in words. Use unique and eloquent words that flow across the page, and makes you feel less stressed.

8. How to Clean Your House and Work Space

Okay, is anyone else like an organized messy person?? Because I am. It’s a thing, trust me. Anyways, if you’re just a MESSY messy person, then you need to learn how to somewhat be organized in life! It’s going to be super stressful living your life and never knowing where anything is, because you can never put things back where you left it. Not to mention, if you do this at a job, it can come off as super unprofessional.

Have a day a week where you go through your room/house/apartment/work space/whatever space you have and pick up any messes, put things back where they go, etc. I PROMISE it will help you feel less cluttered physically and emotionally and it will make you a more functional human being.

Thanks for reading Part 1! I hope you enjoyed and as always, leave a comment down below telling me what you think 🔽🔽

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Makeup Organization Tips You Need to Try!

Tired of having messy makeup drawers, and no organization at all? In today’s post we’re gonna break down all the organization tips you need to try in order to get your makeup storage in order!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a commission for if you purchase using my link. However, this is of no additional cost to you.

  1. Get makeup organizers

This may seem like a *duh* tip, but some people may not have makeup organizers in their drawers yet! So if you don’t, I’ve found these on Amazon that will work nicely. The goal is to have ones for each type of product you have; so you could do it like one for eye products, one for face products, etc. OR go more specific and do one for mascara, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, etc.

For your brushes, get a cute organizer like this one (seriously, isn’t this #vanitygoals ??) to sit on your desk for easy access.

2. Put back makeup after you use it!

I know, i know….you’re in a rush and you just want to throw your makeup on your desk and go. But it takes 5 extra seconds to put back your makeup in your new storage space for it (😉) and then dash out the door. It helps keep you organized and won’t have you asking “Where’d I put my mascara?” the NEXT time you’re running late and needing to dash out the door.

3. For makeup palettes, store them in a rack if you have multiples

Personally, i don’t have a lot of eyeshadow palettes because I don’t wear eyeshadow that much, so I store my palettes behind my storage organizers for my other eye products and it fits perfectly! However, if you have more than 3-4 palettes, this will probably not work for you, and I would recommend getting a rack to sit on your desk, counter, or vanity. You can find one here for under $10 that will work just fine.

4. If you don’t have a *solid* makeup area, such as a vanity, to do your makeup, get a large travel makeup organizer bag!

This is a good tip for those of you who don’t have their own bathroom, counter space, vanity, desk, etc. and may not be able to get the storage organizers I mentioned above and set them in a specific space. With a large makeup organizer bag, you can take it with you wherever you go and it already has organizer slots built it so you’re ahead of the game! Here are two options 1 and 2 that I think would work great. I have a black one I purchased from Walmart that I can’t seem to find online, but if you can find it, it works great as well and has clear organizers inside.

5. Get rid of what you don’t use (or that is expired)!

Be honest-you probably don’t use ALL of your makeup. I know I don’t. I have makeup I’ve kept for way too long “just in case” I ever need to use it, and I’m the same way with clothes. (raise your hand if you’re a hoarder 🤚)

Not to mention there’s an expiration date on makeup! Know how to find it? Look on the back of the makeup product and find the product symbol that looks like a open jar, and beside it it will say how many months it has ’til it expires, such as “24M” or “18M”, and this is from the date you open it. So be sure to go through your old and unused makeup, trust me you’ll feel so much more organized afterwards!

That is all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to subscribe to my email list so you know when a new post is out and about 😉

Let me know down below your favorite makeup brands, and if you have any additional tips for organizing makeup!

The Adventure Challenge-Couples Review!

Hey guys! Cheyenne here with a review for y’all of “The Adventure Challenge”, which is a fun activity which is designed to help you get to know the people you’re with more and break up the boredom of day to day life (which is PERFECT for right now).

I recently bought the couples edition (they also have a family edition and a friends edition) as a present for my boyfriend for us to do together! I thought it would be fun because here lately it’s been difficult to find things to do in quarantine and I’ve been a little bored with the typical “Netflix and laying on the couch” routine (not that there’s anything wrong with that-sometimes you just want to do something else, yanno?) 💁‍♀️

Basically how it works is the book has 50 scratch off dates, and you don’t know what they are- which is the best part. You get hints about how much they cost, whether they take place indoors or outdoors, if food is involved, if you’ll need a babysitter for kids, etc. but other than that it’s a COMPLETE mystery what you’ll be getting yourself into. It’s super fun, and once you scratch off the date you have to do it. (I don’t make the rules 😉)

After you complete the date, you take a picture (you can get the book with a camera included for an additional price, but I already had a instax camera so I just used that) and stick it in the book with the sticky adhesive that’s included, and write a description of how the date went!

Here’s what ours included:

Our date started with googling the “5 Love Languages Test” and figuring out what love language we were (if you can’t read it, Nick’s (my boyfriend) was physical touch and mine was acts of service) and then we thought of ways we could help love each other in this way.

Then, we planned out a date where we could incorporate these love languages in, and we said a sunset date in the back of my Jeep with snacks and cuddles sounded pretty good. 😍

That’s how our first date with “The Adventure Challenge” went, and I can’t wait to go on many more!

If you guys are interested in buying one of these as well for your SO, your friend group, or your family, you can find them on Instagram or at

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How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

Tips for the travel lover who doesn’t have money growing on trees.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a commission for if you purchase using my link. However, this is of no additional cost to you.

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today we’re going to be talking about ways you can travel if you’re on a budget.

Coming from a college student like myself, I KNOW #thestruggleisreal when is comes to money sometimes (or all the time). But, there’s so much to see and do out there, so why not go explore it?

Here are some of my top tips for exploring on a budget, and if you have any of your own, leave them below!

  1. Book ahead of time

By doing this, it helps the person providing the accommodations to prepare and not rush to get everything together at the last minute, which will definitely raise the prices for you!

This also goes for transportation. If you aren’t driving to get there, booking your flight ahead of time can and will save you money in the long run.

2. Use GasBuddy!

GasBuddy is an app that helps you track down the gas stations with the cheapest gas near you. It is updated regularly by customers and the gas station owners themselves, however sometimes it can be outdated, so be aware of that. Overall it’s a GREAT app to have.

3. Book flights on weekdays (such as Tuesdays)

Weekdays are obviously going to be cheaper than Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, as less people are traveling on days such as Tuesday. This is the perfect opportunity to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of!

4. Try Airbnb

Airbnb’s are great for cheaper accommodations and unique experiences a hotel can’t provide. Get the app or look online and see what great options are available! Check out the host, reviews, and location of the place and make sure it’s a good fit before booking.

Remember, you don’t need to have a huge place to stay, especially if you’re on a budget. You’re traveling to see new places, make memories, and have a good time, NOT to stay in the most luxurious of accommodations. Obviously find one that is safe but keep in mind if you are on a budget it does not need to be fancy!

5. Get the experience of wherever you’re visiting, but be smart with how you spend your money! (There are free experiences wherever you go!)

I’ve always been one of those people (aka a foodie) who say “We should eat out while we’re here, because there’s places here we don’t have at home!” while out of town. While that’s true, that doesn’t mean you should go out to eat every single day. Find one or two places you really want to try, and the rest of the time you’re there make your own food. It saves money and it can be a fun experience, especially if you’re with others!

This goes for not only food, but other things as well, such as entertainment and shopping. In a tourist-y destination, you’re going to have entertainment and attractions that you’ll probably want to check out. Just don’t go overboard! Remember, there are free options and experiences wherever you go, and those can be just as much fun. As for shopping, allow yourself to get a souvenir or two, especially if you’ve never been there before. (I ALWAYS get a bumper sticker for my car when I visit a new place 🙂 )


Depending on where you go, a lot of places have coupon books at the destination site, and if not, you can try to find coupons for the restaurant, entertainment, attraction, shopping, etc. online. Take advantage of any deals going on with accommodation or transportation sites as well, such as seasonal offers.

7. Make a plan/budget so you’re aware of how much you’ll be spending BEFORE you go!

You don’t want to get there and have absolutely no clue how much money you’ll be spending. Trust me, I love the spontaneity of just packing up and leaving and not knowing where the road will take you, but you can have a general budget/plan in mind and still have some spontaneous moments to your trip.


Nomatic (excellent quality travel bags) currently has a Labor Day Sale (expires September 7th, so hurry!) where you can get 50% off all accessories, or buy any bag get 2 free accessories!

Use the link here to access their site for the sale or for more amazing products!

That’s it for this post guys! I hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to leave a comment below sharing your thoughts and if you have any additional tips 🙂

How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Everything you need to know about how to start your blog, and some helpful apps to get you going about your way!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a commission for if you purchase using my link. However, this is of no additional cost to you.

So you’ve decided to start a blog…congratulations! This is a big step, and trust me, it is worth the investment in yourself! Take some time to read over this post and make sure you have everything in order for your blog to be in tip-top shape.

Also, read on to see some apps I recommend that will help you with your blogging and social media posts along the way 🙂

  1. First and foremost, you’re going to need to think of what you want to blog about. What do you like to do? What can you write about and never get tired of? What do you wish to help people with? THIS is your niche!

People want to be helped, your readers want their questions answered and will look to you to provide this, so think about what you’re good at and can provide them with. It can be as general or as specific as your liking; for example, in my case, I have lifestyle, travel, and blogging tips.

Lifestyle is a pretty general “niche”; is encompasses anything from makeup tips, dorm room essentials, things I currently recommend, gift ideas, you name it! It’s something I love doing and I love reading from others, and I know others like as well, so I can help my readers with this.

Travel is a little more specific, and as a travel lover I know what other travel lovers struggle with and what I can help with. I also love putting out travel guides and have some planned for the future! I have so many bucket list places I haven’t been to yet but I’m working on it 😍

And lastly for me, blogging tips is a pretty specific niche. As a new blogger, I know what it’s like to be on the fence about blogging, to be nervous about all the aspects of it, to not know what I’m doing (none of us do, really), all of it, and I’m here to help!

Some other examples of niches you guys can use are: cooking, family blogging, new mothers, health and fitness, wellness, faith, fashion, DIY crafts, cooking for certain types of diets, self care, budgeting, there’s SO many out there so be sure to find one that really suits you!

2. After you find your reason for writing, it’s time to find your hosting site!

Hosting is how you officially show up as a website, and how your information is stored on the internet.

I am using, and I highly recommend it! I’ve had a few questions about how to set up my blog and do certain things, and they responded super quick and were helpful. When I made my blog, the web hosting was through as well, so all 3 major components of creating a blog (web hosting, domain name, and designing your blog) were done through WordPress.

Bluehost is another one of the highest rated web hosting sites out there, and if you use this link here, you can get started for $2.95 a month, which is an EXCELLENT deal!! Bluehost is used in partnership with (different from…confusing I know) which is another great blog site. After you click on that link I gave you, it’ll take you through all the steps to get you started with web hosting, registering your domain name, and designing your blog through!

3. So now you’ve got to make sure you have a good domain name picked out to register!

By the way, most web hosting comes with free registration of your domain name. This is an important step and signifies who you are as a blog. Really think on this and make sure it covers who you are, what you plan on talking about, and the type of image you want to reflect. Be prepared, as it may be taken already!

STORY TIME: how the name “Cheyenne Behind the Scenes” came about….so, it started as a second Instagram page for me to post rants, funny pictures, etc….what the kids may call a “finsta” 😬🤦‍♀️

YES-Cheyenne Behind the Scenes began as a finsta name.

Don’t judge! 😂 Anyways, I didn’t really post on there too much, and when I did it was too embarrassing so I deleted all the content and turned it into a blog Instagram. It did okay, but since I didn’t have an “official” blog yet, it wasn’t the same. So a bit later, when I got the courage to start my official blog, the name Cheyenne Behind the Scenes stuck.

So that’s how my domain name came about, and although you may think it didn’t take much thought, I debated on whether or not I should change it. But I liked how it felt personal, as it has my name in it, and I also liked the “behind the scenes”, as it was unique and my blog sort of provided a “behind the scenes” look into my content and my life! (plus… I thought it sounded really cool. 😉)

4. After you’ve done all of that, it’s time to design your blog exactly the way you like!

Pick out your theme, plug ins, fonts, colors, etc. Spend some time on this, and really make sure you like it. Of course, you can change it later on if you decide you don’t like it, so don’t worry!

Different themes have different aspects, meaning some design features may or may not be accessible to you depending on the theme you have chosen, so play around with it and pick one that looks good with your blog!

5. SOCIAL MEDIA!! Social media is super important in this day n’ age.

Before you make your blog “public” (meaning the internet can see it and not just you), create some social media accounts for your blog announcing the big start up day for your blog, what your blog will be about, and give a sneak peak of your first blog post so people will be interested in following you and checking out your blog! Follow some bloggers who have the same niche as you/similar content, and also follow hashtags that relate to your content as well. Make sure your blog website is linked somewhere in the “bio” or “about” of your social media accounts so people can easily access it.

Some social media sites I recommend for bloggers are: Pinterest (HIGHLY recommend), Instagram, TikTok, Youtube (if you want to also do YT videos), Twitter, and Facebook. I don’t have a TikTok, Twitter, YT or Facebook specifically for my blog but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to have one!

TikTok/Insta Reels are especially a good tool to take advantage of and draw younger audiences in. Viewers love watching videos and seeing your face, and it takes away from the monotony of scrolling through post after post (after post after post….)

6. Another thing to do before you make your blog public is to get your legal policies in ORDER!! I’ve wrote another blog post about this, but it’s just that important. Trust me, when I first made my blog I was hesitant about spending money on this when there were free templates I saw online, however I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of getting sued, not covering my bases, etc.

Luckily for me (and you too 😉), I came across a policy bundle with all 3 legal policies you need for your blog for $197, with a $40 off coupon code!! This is a really good deal when you look at the other options you have available. Get this deal by clicking here!

7. Create a few blog posts, then set your blog to PUBLIC!!

It’s best to make sure you have a couple posts on your site before you make it public just so it doesn’t look as empty. This part is super exciting!! Sit back and congratulate yourself for all the work you’ve done.

Make sure to post about your new blog post on your socials too so people know it’s up and can go check it out!

Next up I’m gonna be recommending some apps for your blog/social media accounts:

1. Canva

This app is a MUST for graphic designing! I love it for making my Pinterest pins, Instagram graphics, and blog featured images.

2. Later

This app is perfect for scheduling posts for later. I use it for Instagram and Pinterest, but you can use it for other apps as well.

This is great for busy bloggers who know they need to post something on a certain day and time, but have a million other things to do. This allows you to work ahead and get things done so you can work on other more demanding projects!

3. Splasher

I recently found out about this app and I LOVE IT. It has free photos you can use for your blog, Instagram, etc. to spice it up!

For me personally, I love using it for Instagram pictures. I struggled with finding content to constantly post, and with this app, I can search for graphics I like and using them, just as simple as that! Obviously, you can credit the original photographer if you like, however it is NOT required. Just make sure you don’t take credit for it or try to sell it or anything! NOT COOL 🙅‍♀️❌

4. Colourtone

I use this app to edit my photos for Instagram. I’’ve used other photo editing apps before but I like this one better currently, plus I feel like it has more options.

I’m trying to get a color scheme going on my Instagram feed buuuuuuut I’m not the best at it 😬 but with the help of the filter on this app, and Splasher, my feed is slowly starting to shape up a bit! What do y’all think??

5. Heartbeat Influencer App

This is another recent of mine, and I haven’t actually been apart of any campaigns from it yet, but the opportunity and idea is awesome for new bloggers like me!!

The premise of it is you sign up (use my link here), fill out some information about yourself, link your Instagram and TikTok (or just one if you want), and you get a certain “pay rate”, which is how much you make per campaign. Then you take some surveys as you go along so more accurate campaigns can show up in your app, and click on the “campaigns” tab at the top to see all the available campaigns to you and apply from the app! Pretty cool, huh??

Lastly, this isn’t really an app but I wanted to talk about analytics/insights for your blog/socials. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT. It helps you see your reader’s age, location, what posts they like most, what time they are on socials most often, etc. etc. so PAY. ATTENTION!

Thank you for reading! I hope this was a useful guide into creating a blog of your own 🙂 If you have a new blog, drop it down in the comments below so I can check it out! Let me know what y’all think of this post, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and check out my Pinterest as well. Happy blogging, folks ❤️

My Current Favorite Instagram Accounts and Youtubers 😍

*subscribes and follows immediately*

Hey guys, welcome to another blog post! Today, I’m going to be talking about some of my recent favorites on Instagram and Youtube, and some of which I’ve been a fan of for a while. I hope you enjoy!


  1. @thetwobohemians

This travel couple has super aesthetic pictures, and travel to some pretty amazing places! I love looking at their feed 😍 They have tips, videos, and classes you can take to help you work online, travel, and live your best life!

You can join them now for a Surf and Yoga Retreat in 2021 while spots last-check out their Insta for more details!

2. @themirrorseries

This account is run by a amazing #bossbabe for boss babes! Alex is the face behind “The Mirror Series”, and she is a Business and Mindset Coach who helps us to achieve our goals and stay motivated! The overall feel of the feed is very beautiful, with quotes and graphics all over.

3. @thehustlerhive

This is another motivational account made for boss babes. The feed is filled with quotes, queens, and everything you need to push you to be the best you can be!

4. @thekindmindclub

Shan (the owner of this popular account) helps people to be their best selves-hence the name “The Kind Mind Club”! She has a blog, which is linked in her bio on Instagram, with recipes, wellness tips, lifestyle, travel posts, and more. She is definitely one to check out!

5. @lauraashleysocial

This account is for people who need help marketing their social media accounts, and her tips are amazing! If you have a blog, business, brand, or even just want to learn more about how social media marketing works, you should give her a follow.

6. @wanderlusting_che

I love her Instagram because her blog posts are so real! She discusses travel, self care, faith, and more. She puts out a new blog post once a week, so be sure to keep up with her latest posts!

7. @marketing.queens

This is another insta dedicated to helping you learn more about social media marketing, and how to better manage your socials! The feed is very easy to read and has very useful tips 😍

8. @ainsleyabouttheworld

This travel blogger is also a great photographer (you can buy some of her photography prints from the link in her bio!) and her insta boasts pictures of her travels, blog posts, personal aspects of her life others can surely relate to as well, and more.

Her most recent post discusses an interesting view of how traveling over the years has taught her to love her body, and it’s a unique viewpoint worth the read. ❤️

9. @legitsadierob

This is the account of Sadie Robertson, a well known young adult of faith who teaches others to be strong in their faith as well. She also helps others to be confident, strong individuals.

She has a clothing brand, a podcast called “Whoa That’s Good” (which you can also check out on Instagram), and is an author! What a talent 👏

10. @girlsbuildingempires

I love this account for 2 reasons-one is because they help build up confidence in all types of people with absolutely bada$$ quotes, and two is because the graphics used are really appealing to the eye. After one look on this account, you’ll have the attitude and motivation you need to get your goals ACCOMPLISHED.


1. Lauren Giraldo

I have known about her and followed her since her “Princess Lauren” days, and she has such good content! She does vlogs, fashion videos, q+a’s etc. She seems like such a mature and genuine person, and that radiates through her videos.

She recently moved to Arizona 🏜 , which is my next Bucket List location. HER HOUSE THO. It’s so beautiful and the pool area is dreamy. She’s only 1 year older than me too and she’s achieved so much 😍 You go Lauren!

2. Shani Grimmond

Shani is from Australia, and she makes tutorials, fashion videos, funny videos, etc. I like her content and how open and genuine she is as well. She posts on her Instagram and Insta stories often which is also nice to see that interaction she has with her fans. (I also like to see Youtuber’s/creator’s routines as they go about their daily lives-is that weird?? Let me know if y’all do that too LOL)

3. Aspyn Ovard

This is another Youtuber I have followed along with for a while now, and she has the cutest little family now! She posts videos with her cute daughter, home videos, fashion videos, and more. She also has a clothing line!

4. The Traphamily (Ryan and Haley)

These two are the cutest little engaged young couple, and they make videos about their upcoming wedding, their new home, lifestyle videos, and more. I love Haley’s style and followed her Instagram right after, which is then how I found their Youtube. 😍

5. Nayna Florence

This Youtuber makes videos about travel, thrifting, and vlogs. I just recently found her channel, and I love it!

6. Amber Scholl

This girl is the QUEEN of DIY’s. She makes videos of not only DIY’s, but also fashion videos, home videos, and shopping.

7. Sarah Belle

This Kentucky native (just like me!) now lives in Nashville and is recently engaged. She gives off a Kacey Musgraves vibe in the best way possible, and also to me sort of looks like Zoella (another Youtuber) at times…in order words, she’s stunning. She makes vlogs, home design videos, fashion, Nashville travel videos, and more. You should definitely check her out!

8. LaurDIY

Last but not least on the least is another Youtuber that I’ve followed for a while. She’s really made a name for herself (you go, girl!) She’s the host of her own series on HBO max called “Craftopia”, in which she shows off some of her DIY tips, and has a podcasts she cohosts called “Wild Til 9”. Clearly, she knows what she’s doing.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed! I have others I can share as well in a part 2 post if you guys would like to see that (let me know in the comments!)

Also, let me know who you follow and subscribe to on Instagram and Youtube! I want to have a variety of channels and content recommendations for myself and others to see ❤️

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Tips for the Incoming College Freshman

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, in which I will receive a commission for if you purchase using my link. However, this is of no additional cost to you.

College is an exciting time! You deserve to be proud of yourself.

But it can also be a nerve-wracking time, and cause more anxiety than excitement. Either way, it’s normal to have a rush of emotions about this big step you’re about to take.

Here are some tips I have as a college senior for incoming college freshman! I hope you find these useful 🙂

1. Stay on top of your work!

It can be easy going into college and getting caught up in parties, new events on campus, etc. that you’re not used to yet. And while it’s okay to do these things and meet new people, you also need to make sure you stay on top of your work!

Set aside some time for studying/homework only, or even get the work done right when it’s assigned to get it out of the way. If you’re a procrastinator (like me) write down in your planner all your assignments, and even set reminders in your phone to actually do them. Even doing a few small work sessions over the span of a few days to get it done is better than rushing to get it done the night before.

2. Go out and meet new people

Now, on the other hand, it is not only okay to go out and go to these new events and meet new people on campus but it is encouraged! This is something I can admit I haven’t done enough of.

My college is located in my hometown, so I live off campus to save money. With that being said, you can imagine I don’t get to meet as many people as I would if I lived on campus and was in the “hub” of student life. So I highly recommend you guys go out, meet new people, and socialize! Join some clubs and organizations that interest you as well. 🙂

3. Make use of student savings!

As a student, you can get some pretty good deals on products and services. Some examples are:

  • Amazon Prime- 6 months free, then 50% off after that
  • Spotify- 3 months free, then 4,99 a month after (Hulu and Showtime included!)
  • Youtube- 1 month free, then 6.99 a month
  • Apple Music-4.99 a month, Apple TV+ included for FREE
  • Grubhub- 20% off $10 of more (when you sign up for UniDays-I have this free app and love it, it helps you find student deals for places you love!)
  • Tarte- 15% off and free shipping for online orders
  • Best Buy- create a “My Best Buy” account, then sign up for student deals’ and you will start receiving student offers!
  • Clothing stores-a lot of clothing stores offer varying discounts to students, some requiring online orders and some through the UniDays app. Be sure to ask or look on the app before you check out to get the best deals!
  • Insurance Companies- companies such as Allstate (up to 20% off qualifying students), Geico (up to 15% off for qualifying students under 25 with good grades), and State Farm (up to 25% off for qualifying students under 25) have discounts, so be sure to ask your insurance company for more details!
  • Banking- Some banks offer you the ability to get free checking accounts, offer waived fees, or have special student accounts available for you to sign up for. Be sure to ask about these!
  • Office 365- free for students with a school email address

4. Make sure you have everything you need for college!

Nothing is more unsettling that getting to college and realizing that you don’t have half the stuff you need. I made a blog post about dorm room/small apartment essentials- check that out here!

Also, check out some self care essentials for college from Amazon here (because skincare is important, especially when you’re prone to late nights and college munchies).

Additionally, here you can find your back to college cleaning essentials from Amazon! As we all know, cleaning supplies are important now more than ever, especially when you’re in college around so many others in a shared space.

Make a list of everything you’re going to need for college to avoid forgetting anything and having last minute panic. You can find print outs on Pinterest of things you need to pack for college, so be sure to look at those beforehand or look over one before you officially leave to make sure you didn’t forget anything! If you check out my Pinterest here, you can find a helpful board I made just for y’all with helpful printouts, checklists, and general tips for back to college called “Back to College” 😉

5. Reach out to professors, faculty, or other students if you need help

This is ESPECIALLY BIG for now. These are uncertain times, and f you’re entering college right now, when classes are more than likely partially or completely online, you need to be able to reach out and ask questions if you need it! Whether it’s a professor, faculty member, a friend from your sorority/fraternity, an email to a random classmate even, it’s okay to need help and ask questions. If you don’t speak up, you may fall behind and never learn the material! (plus, someone else may need help or clarification on that same thing, and by asking about it, you are helping them too).

6. Take time to learn about yourself

You are going through a COMPLETELY new phase of life-not only getting older, going through tougher classes, meeting new people, and possibly moving away from home, but you have the ability to learn more about who you are and what makes you YOU. Enjoy it, and figure out where exactly your future leads you and where you want it to be.

Take some unique classes, learn something new, travel somewhere (maybe not right now however… 😬), get out of your comfort zone, and have fun!

7. Be smart with your money

College is expensive, and while some people have full rides to college, a lot don’t! I had quite a few scholarships, and I’m very grateful for that, but I still have some debt I’m going to have to pay off once I graduate.

With that being said, it’s best to save up and be smart with your money now rather than wait! It’s okay to have a night out with friends or your significant other every so often, but make sure you don’t spend too much of your money on that. Live below your means!! A good way to make sure you don’t spend too much going out is to put back a certain amount of money into your savings and don’t touch it! The rest you can spend on yourself.

Start paying off your debts as soon as you can, and when you can pay off the full debt, do it!! (Although this is usually a later step, not for college freshman-right now just worry about saving up!)

8. Apply to scholarships

Scholarships are SO important, and you don’t stop applying after graduating high school! Apply to any and all you can find that apply to you, even if you think you won’t get it. Getting a scholarship can really help you out financially, not just with your tuition but with your textbooks, room and board, meal plans, ALL school expenses. Plus, it definitely looks good on your resume.

That’s all for this post guys, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! If you did, drop a comment below and tell me what college you are attending or plan on attending 😄

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Top 10 Places to Go Camping in the US

Part 2 of my camping series is here!

Disclaimer: With the uncertainty of current times, some campgrounds and parks may be closed/running under restricted times, so be sure to check in with specific places you want to stay beforehand!

Today I bring you some of the best places to go camping. I have not been most of these places, but a lot are on my bucket list and I have heard such good things about, so I wanted to share with you! Pack your bag with items from last blog post (which was must haves for a camping trip- find it here!) and find your next destination down below!

1. Lake Tahoe, Nevada/California

Photo Creds:

This one is DEFINITELY on my bucket list. This lake sits between the Nevada and California border, and provides a picturesque view unlike no other. Not to mention the beautiful mountains in the background 😍 such a nice place to go camping!

There is a South Lake Tahoe side and a North Lake Tahoe side, so there are plenty of campground options available. Also, both sides offer options to suit both tastes: the “South” side offers more nightlife and action packed activities, while the “North” side offers a quieter community and smaller crowds.

Be sure you look into renting a clear kayak while you’re there, so you can not only kayak, but look down into the beautiful clear waters below while doing so.

2. Yosemite National Park, California

Everyone talks about how gorgeous this national park is, and for good reason too. It provides waterfalls, mountains, valleys, you name it. There are also trails to hike with different levels of difficulty to suit your taste. If you get the opportunity to camp here, definitely take it!

There are 13 campgrounds located within the park (although currently, it appears only Upper Pines at 50% capacity and Wawona Horse Campground are open). There are also campgrounds located outside of the park so check those out as well if you plan on camping soon or if Yosemite is booked up!

3. Acadia National Park, Maine

This picturesque national park has campgrounds along the coast, and gives off that classic “Midwest” vibe that is so gorgeous. There is an island you can visit that has 4 towns located on it: Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor, and Tremont. If visiting the island, you should check out the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse (located in Tremont) and Carriage Road.

There are 4 campgrounds located here (Blackwoods-close to Bar Harbor, Seawall-close to Southwest Harbor, Schoodic Woods, and Duck Harbor, which is located on Isle au Haut and is not accessible by automobile.) As of right now, it appears of of these campgrounds are closed for the 2020 season 😦 However, there are a few other campgrounds outside of Acadia National Park you can check out for camping!

4. Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee/North Carolina

I have been here multiple times throughout my life, and I have to say it’s gorgeous. It has something for everyone as well. Do you love nature? There are many trails, waterfalls, mountains (obviously) for you. Do you like to be more in the city and have things to do? Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are “tourist” destinations close by that are jam packed with fun things to do. So even while camping and enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounds you, you can also shop, play, dine out, and have FUN.

There are many campgrounds located here, including ones for groups of 8 or more, horse camping, and backcountry camping (hiking to get to your campsite; you need a reservation and permit beforehand!) There are also outside campgrounds as well located in the surrounding towns.

5. Wenatchee River, Washington

Photo Creds:

This place, located in Washington, is not as well known but just as beautiful. Here, you can camp, fish, hike, kayak, and more, all with the mountain views in the background.

There are many campgrounds located here, and most of them that are located in the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest are first come, first serve, so be sure to check beforehand!

6. Glacier National Park, Montana

Okay…have you SEEN the water?? It’s so picturesque. This is another that’s definitely on my bucket list.

There are 13 campgrounds available at Glacier National Park, and there are campgrounds located outside the park as well (however, all may not currently be open!)

If you go, hike along the Highline Trail (11.4 miles) and to the Iceberg Lake (9.6 miles), the latter which takes you to the blue waters of the lake filled with (you guessed it) icebergs. Also, check out the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that showcases amazing scenery and wildlife, and Lake McDonald, which has the PRETTIEST colored pebbles at the bottom.

7. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, California

Photo Creds: and Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

*immediately adds to bucket list after seeing pictures*

This place looks so cool. I’ve heard of it before, but have only recently seen pictures and I immediately knew it needed to be on the list. It houses the world’s largest trees, and also has some pretty awesome mountains, creeks, caverns, and views.

14 campgrounds are located within the park, however current closures may be in place for some of these campgrounds. Additionally, there are campgrounds you can find outside of the national park that may be currently open as well.

8. Zion National Park, Utah

This national park provides amazing red rock formations and arches, canyons, waterfalls, and some unique wildlife (including mountain lions and desert bighorn sheep).

There are 3 campgrounds in Zion National Park, 2 of which are currently open as of the time of this post (South Campground and Watchman Campground). Of course, there are probably campgrounds you can find outside of the park that are within pretty close range.

9. Cherry Springs State Park, Pennsylvania

Photo Creds:

This place is PERFECT for all the stargazers (like myself). It is supposedly one of the best places to see the stars (given that it is a fairly clear night). Pretty cool, right?

There seems to be only one campground on the park’s property, with 30 campsites available. However, it is important to note that pets are not permitted on the campground.

10. Salt Pond Beach Park, Hawaii

Located in Kaua’i, this spot is located along beautiful crystal blue waters perfect for swimming or snorkeling in, or just laying out if that’s more your style.

There is one campground here, in which you will need to buy a camping permit for along with the nightly fee. However, as of right now, it appears that this campground and others around Kaua’i are closed. (be sure to check back!)

I hope this post has helped you find some great destinations to go camping. Of course, this is just 10 out of the thousands of beautiful campgrounds out there to explore (in the US and otherwise)! So if you would like for me to do another post of places to go camping, let me know in the comments below!

Also, make sure to follow me on Instagram here and my Pinterest here 🙂