Travel Guide to Lookout Mountain

Your guide to Chattanooga, Tennessee and Lookout Mountain! Hint: You’re gonna want to visit here.

Cheyenne here back with another blog post! Today I’m bringing you the start of a series I like to call “Travel Guides”-which are just as they sound: travel guides to certain destinations and areas based on my experiences and research!

For the first travel guide post, we’re going to talk about Lookout Mountain and Chattanooga. I went there earlier in the year, and loved it! I hope you can take this information to visit soon and have the best time possible. 🥰

First, let’s discuss Lookout Mountain specifically! Lookout Mountain has 3 main components: the Incline Railway, Rock City (what I did, and where you can see the Lover’s Leap and 7 states), and Ruby Falls. Because of COVID, when we went you had to book your tickets in advance, so be sure to check before you go!

The incline railway looked SUPER cool, but it was closed when we went 😦 It goes from the top of the mountain to the bottom, and at the bottom it has a little town with some restaurants and shops.

Rock City is an outdoor self guided tour where you can see waterfalls, seven states, bridges, AMAZING views, and a fairyland cavern at the end with neon gnomes and fairytales as you walked through.

“Swing-A-Long Bridge”
See Seven States!
Lover’s Leap (there are many Lover’s Leaps allllll over the world)
Some snaps from “Fairyland Caverns”
Some snaps from “Fairyland Caverns”

Ruby Falls, which we should have done but decided against it at the last minute, is an underground cavern with a waterfall! Super cool, right?? I gotta go back to see the falls soon!

For more information on Lookout Mountain specifically, visit!

Now, let’s discuss Chattanooga, Tennessee! 💁‍♀️

We didn’t do much in Chattanooga, but I’ll break down what we did do and recommend some places based on what I researched!

First, we walked around at “Warehouse Row” which is a little area of shops and such located in an older building. It was pretty, but not many places to our liking to shop in.

Next, we went to eat at “Puckett’s”. It was a grocery and restaurant in one. I had the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich (which I usually love to get at restaurants that have them) and it was DELICIOUS.

Then, we walked around by the bridge close to Puckett’s and saw some Indian markings and symbols with descriptions as to what it meant. It was really neat to learn about! (pictures below)

Finally, we went to the mall and shopped around a bit (I believe it was Hamilton Place Mall).

Some places I’ve heard are worth visiting in Chattanooga but we didn’t get to:

The aquarium! We walked past it while walking around by Puckett’s and the bridge, and it looked so fancy. Supposedly it’s the largest freshwater aquarium in the world as well, so check it out!

Raccoon Mountain-an underground cavern where you can explore, plus there’s go carting as well!

There are also tons of art museums in town, so if that’s your thing go check those out 😀

Lastly, what I’ve rounded up for you guys to check out in Chattanooga (there’s obviously more than this, however!) is the Chattanooga Market, which supposedly like a huge farmer’s market with music and art. Super bummed out we didn’t make it there!

Before I end this post, I wanted to discuss one more thing we did on our trip! So we stayed in a small town called Monteagle, Tennessee as we had a camping cabin to stay at there. Near our camping cabin, there was a waterfall trail we went on that I really enjoyed that was about a mile long called “Greeter Falls” and another small hike we went on that forks off from Greeter Falls which was called Blue Hole Trail. Below are some pictures of Greeter Falls! (it was prettier in my opinion)

View from above the falls

We had a great time our trip visiting all of these places, and I hope you guys get to visit as well! If you do, tag me in your posts and leave a comment below letting me know how it went ❤️

Thank you for reading and as always, make sure you check out my socials for more content and subscribe to my email list to get updated when I post a new blog post 🙂 happy blogging, y’all!

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