The Adventure Challenge-Couples Review!

Hey guys! Cheyenne here with a review for y’all of “The Adventure Challenge”, which is a fun activity which is designed to help you get to know the people you’re with more and break up the boredom of day to day life (which is PERFECT for right now).

I recently bought the couples edition (they also have a family edition and a friends edition) as a present for my boyfriend for us to do together! I thought it would be fun because here lately it’s been difficult to find things to do in quarantine and I’ve been a little bored with the typical “Netflix and laying on the couch” routine (not that there’s anything wrong with that-sometimes you just want to do something else, yanno?) 💁‍♀️

Basically how it works is the book has 50 scratch off dates, and you don’t know what they are- which is the best part. You get hints about how much they cost, whether they take place indoors or outdoors, if food is involved, if you’ll need a babysitter for kids, etc. but other than that it’s a COMPLETE mystery what you’ll be getting yourself into. It’s super fun, and once you scratch off the date you have to do it. (I don’t make the rules 😉)

After you complete the date, you take a picture (you can get the book with a camera included for an additional price, but I already had a instax camera so I just used that) and stick it in the book with the sticky adhesive that’s included, and write a description of how the date went!

Here’s what ours included:

Our date started with googling the “5 Love Languages Test” and figuring out what love language we were (if you can’t read it, Nick’s (my boyfriend) was physical touch and mine was acts of service) and then we thought of ways we could help love each other in this way.

Then, we planned out a date where we could incorporate these love languages in, and we said a sunset date in the back of my Jeep with snacks and cuddles sounded pretty good. 😍

That’s how our first date with “The Adventure Challenge” went, and I can’t wait to go on many more!

If you guys are interested in buying one of these as well for your SO, your friend group, or your family, you can find them on Instagram or at

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