My Current Favorite Instagram Accounts and Youtubers 😍

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Hey guys, welcome to another blog post! Today, I’m going to be talking about some of my recent favorites on Instagram and Youtube, and some of which I’ve been a fan of for a while. I hope you enjoy!


  1. @thetwobohemians

This travel couple has super aesthetic pictures, and travel to some pretty amazing places! I love looking at their feed 😍 They have tips, videos, and classes you can take to help you work online, travel, and live your best life!

You can join them now for a Surf and Yoga Retreat in 2021 while spots last-check out their Insta for more details!

2. @themirrorseries

This account is run by a amazing #bossbabe for boss babes! Alex is the face behind “The Mirror Series”, and she is a Business and Mindset Coach who helps us to achieve our goals and stay motivated! The overall feel of the feed is very beautiful, with quotes and graphics all over.

3. @thehustlerhive

This is another motivational account made for boss babes. The feed is filled with quotes, queens, and everything you need to push you to be the best you can be!

4. @thekindmindclub

Shan (the owner of this popular account) helps people to be their best selves-hence the name “The Kind Mind Club”! She has a blog, which is linked in her bio on Instagram, with recipes, wellness tips, lifestyle, travel posts, and more. She is definitely one to check out!

5. @lauraashleysocial

This account is for people who need help marketing their social media accounts, and her tips are amazing! If you have a blog, business, brand, or even just want to learn more about how social media marketing works, you should give her a follow.

6. @wanderlusting_che

I love her Instagram because her blog posts are so real! She discusses travel, self care, faith, and more. She puts out a new blog post once a week, so be sure to keep up with her latest posts!

7. @marketing.queens

This is another insta dedicated to helping you learn more about social media marketing, and how to better manage your socials! The feed is very easy to read and has very useful tips 😍

8. @ainsleyabouttheworld

This travel blogger is also a great photographer (you can buy some of her photography prints from the link in her bio!) and her insta boasts pictures of her travels, blog posts, personal aspects of her life others can surely relate to as well, and more.

Her most recent post discusses an interesting view of how traveling over the years has taught her to love her body, and it’s a unique viewpoint worth the read. ❤️

9. @legitsadierob

This is the account of Sadie Robertson, a well known young adult of faith who teaches others to be strong in their faith as well. She also helps others to be confident, strong individuals.

She has a clothing brand, a podcast called “Whoa That’s Good” (which you can also check out on Instagram), and is an author! What a talent 👏

10. @girlsbuildingempires

I love this account for 2 reasons-one is because they help build up confidence in all types of people with absolutely bada$$ quotes, and two is because the graphics used are really appealing to the eye. After one look on this account, you’ll have the attitude and motivation you need to get your goals ACCOMPLISHED.


1. Lauren Giraldo

I have known about her and followed her since her “Princess Lauren” days, and she has such good content! She does vlogs, fashion videos, q+a’s etc. She seems like such a mature and genuine person, and that radiates through her videos.

She recently moved to Arizona 🏜 , which is my next Bucket List location. HER HOUSE THO. It’s so beautiful and the pool area is dreamy. She’s only 1 year older than me too and she’s achieved so much 😍 You go Lauren!

2. Shani Grimmond

Shani is from Australia, and she makes tutorials, fashion videos, funny videos, etc. I like her content and how open and genuine she is as well. She posts on her Instagram and Insta stories often which is also nice to see that interaction she has with her fans. (I also like to see Youtuber’s/creator’s routines as they go about their daily lives-is that weird?? Let me know if y’all do that too LOL)

3. Aspyn Ovard

This is another Youtuber I have followed along with for a while now, and she has the cutest little family now! She posts videos with her cute daughter, home videos, fashion videos, and more. She also has a clothing line!

4. The Traphamily (Ryan and Haley)

These two are the cutest little engaged young couple, and they make videos about their upcoming wedding, their new home, lifestyle videos, and more. I love Haley’s style and followed her Instagram right after, which is then how I found their Youtube. 😍

5. Nayna Florence

This Youtuber makes videos about travel, thrifting, and vlogs. I just recently found her channel, and I love it!

6. Amber Scholl

This girl is the QUEEN of DIY’s. She makes videos of not only DIY’s, but also fashion videos, home videos, and shopping.

7. Sarah Belle

This Kentucky native (just like me!) now lives in Nashville and is recently engaged. She gives off a Kacey Musgraves vibe in the best way possible, and also to me sort of looks like Zoella (another Youtuber) at times…in order words, she’s stunning. She makes vlogs, home design videos, fashion, Nashville travel videos, and more. You should definitely check her out!

8. LaurDIY

Last but not least on the least is another Youtuber that I’ve followed for a while. She’s really made a name for herself (you go, girl!) She’s the host of her own series on HBO max called “Craftopia”, in which she shows off some of her DIY tips, and has a podcasts she cohosts called “Wild Til 9”. Clearly, she knows what she’s doing.

That’s it for this post guys, I hope you enjoyed! I have others I can share as well in a part 2 post if you guys would like to see that (let me know in the comments!)

Also, let me know who you follow and subscribe to on Instagram and Youtube! I want to have a variety of channels and content recommendations for myself and others to see ❤️

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