Must-Have Camping Essentials

Never forget toilet paper again.

Going camping soon, and need to make sure you have everything in order so you can have the best trip possible? Keep reading on!

This is part 1 of a 2 post camping series, so make sure you come back to check out the 2nd post on best places to go camping!

1. Firewood

If you have a fire pit at your campsite or wherever you choose to camp, make sure you bring firewood! If staying at a campsite, firewood is usually more expensive at the campground than if you bring it from home, so keep that in mind, although some campgrounds have rules against bringing outside firewood.

2. Fire Starter

Along with firewood, fire starter is also a good thing to have, as it allows you to start up your fire much more quickly (and if you’re like my boyfriend and I, we tend to have trouble with this, lol).

3. Campfire Grill

My boyfriend bought one of these from Walmart, and it is an awesome thing to have when camping! I absolutely recommend it. It allows you to cook anything in a pot, pan, skillet, etc. over a fire. There are countless “campfire recipes” you can find online, so you don’t have to compromise on dining even when you’re sleeping in the great outdoors. If you check out my Pinterest page here, I have a board where I’ve saved my favorite campfire recipes so be sure to check that out and give me a follow!

4. Sticks for Roasting Smores (or Wienies)

What’s the point of a campfire without a good smore or hot dog in hand? You can find metal ones at most stores, or use actual sticks from good ole’ nature and they’ll work just as good.

5. Cooler

You’ll need a cooler for drinks, snacks, and ingredients to make any yummy campfire recipes you plan on trying with your campfire grill šŸ™‚

6. Portable Phone Charger/Car Charger

Your phone needs to be charged, so I recommend BOTH of these items. You’ll want to have the car charger to keep you phone charged up while you’re out and about exploring during the day, and when you’re in the tent and at the campsite, the portable charger can be used.

7. Speaker

A speaker is a must when camping, so you can listen to all your favorite tunes. Just make sure to be respectful of any neighbors you have, and any “quiet time” hours your campground may have, if staying at a campground.

8. Portable DVD Player

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “Why wouldn’t I just download movies and TV shows on my phone, Cheyenne?” Well, watching your favorite movies on a a portable DVD player while cozied up in a tent just gives you a different type of feeling a phone can’t. It helps you feel less connected from the outside world. I highly recommend it!

9. Battery Powered Light

Emphasis on battery powered, as you won’t have a plug in available (hey we all forget) Anyways, a tent is dark, so having lights is definitely a plus.

10. Battery Powered Fan

Again, emphasis on the battery powered. Having a fan when camping is important, especially when camping in the warmer months. The inside of a tent can get extremely hot and tight feeling, so having a fan will cool you down and help you feel more relaxed.

11. First Aid Kit

Hey, accidents happen, especially if you’re clumsy and accident prone like me. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to bring a first aid kit! You can find a small one at Walmart for less than 10 bucks.

12. Bug Spray

Mosquitoes LOVE me, and I just so happen to also be allergic to them and swell up everytime I get bit. While you may not be like me, you can still get bit by other pesky critters (such as ticks) so bringing bug spray when you go camping is important regardless.

13. Hand Soap/Hand Sanitizer

I like to bring both, and wash my hands by pouring bottles of water on them and then rubbing in soap, however if you prefer to just bring hand sanitizer that can work as well. Keep in mind, though, if you wear contacts, you WILL need to wash your hands before putting in and taking out your contacts and not just bring hand sanitizer! If you stay at a campsite, sinks and soap may be available for you to use, so be sure to check before you go camping.

14. Water Bottles

Like stated before, water bottles can be used while camping for washing hands, but also for drinking, brushing teeth, washing your face, cleaning dirty dishes, washing your hair (can be difficult but hey, it can be done), shaving your legs (I’ve done it before-it takes dedication), anything! Definitely a must.

15. Toilet Paper

Yes, toilet paper is something you probably need to have while camping, even if you’re staying at a campground. Some campsites are far away from the bathrooms, so you may decide last minute the best option is to just use nature’s backyard, and when that happens, it’s best to be prepared.

16. Gazebo

If you have one, these are perfect for setting up and sitting under to keep cool, listen to music, and maybe play a game or two.

17. Lawn Chairs

Bring these chairs to sit in around the fire or under the gazebo you brought!

18. Board Games or Card Games

Who doesn’t love a good game, especially while camping? Bring your favorites and challenge your camp-mates to a little competition.

19. Mattress Pad

Sometimes, when setting up a tent you find that the hard ground does NOT make a nice surface to lay on, even with plenty of sheets. This is where having a mattress pad comes in handy. With one of these in the tent, and the sheets on top, it makes laying on the ground a liiittle less rocky.

20. Sheets

As mentioned before, you cant forget sheets! The more, the better.

21. Tent (of course)

The MOST important part of a camping trip, the tent. Do NOT forget this part, or your trip may not go very well. Make sure you have your tent stakes and all the necessary materials needed to set the tent up as well.

I hope this post was very informative for you, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for part 2 of my camping series coming out very soon šŸ˜‰ Leave me a comment below if you plan to go camping soon and where you’re going!

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