Places You MUST SEE in Kentucky

Hey all! As you may not know, I am a Kentucky native. And while I have not been everywhere in Kentucky, I have seen a good portion of it. If you haven’t visited this state of ours yet, I recommend it! Even if you have, you should still check out this list I have compiled and (when safe) start checking off your bucket list.

  1. Mammoth Cave

Located in Cave City, KY, near Bowling Green, this long cave allows visitors to take different types of tours inside. There is a lot of history to learn while walking through this (chilly) cave, and many cool rock formations to look at! If in Kentucky, this is a must see. Just make sure to book your tickets in advance….unlike we did.

And while there, why not check out Mammoth Cave Adventures, which houses ziplining tours, horseback riding, and more?

2. Cumberland Falls

Located in Corbin, KY in the Cumberland Falls State Resort Park, this waterfall is not only gorgeous, but it is home to a phenomenon-if you time your visit JUST right, when there is a full moon and a clear sky, you can see a moonbow-which is a rainbow reflected in the water. This is one of the only locations in the WORLD where a moonbow can occur! Crazy right? You can look here to get an idea of when the moonbow might occur.

3. The Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass

I’ve never actually been here, but I wanted to include some shopping on the list. And this looks like a pretty good one. Who doesn’t love a good outlet mall??

4. Red River Gorge

LOVE this place. I went camping here with my boyfriend, and we explored and did a hike. It has beautiful rock formations and a scene that is unbeatable. We rode a sky lift to the top of the Natural Bridge, which is a sandstone “bridge” (no handrails!!) that offers more amazing views.

5. National Corvette Museum

This place is located in Bowling Green, KY, which is actually where Corvettes are produced! If you are a self-proclaimed car expert or not, this museum is one of a kind, and if you are in the area, is worth checking out.

6. Kentucky Kingdom

Located in Louisville, KY, this amusement park is just the exciting times you need to get you out of the house! It has a new coaster, “The Kentucky Flyer”, and a water park as well, “Hurricane Bay”. For more information on this park, visit the website here.

7. Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Are you brave? Okay, good, because this one is for the bravest of souls. Waverly Hills Sanatorium is also located in Louisville, Kentucky, and is a former tuberculosis hospital that is now abandoned and said to be haunted. You can take a tour of the place during any season, and during the Halloween season, it houses a haunted house.

8. Keeneland

Ready to place your bets? This is a horse racing facility located in Lexington, KY, and is well known by many. When you think of Lexington, you probably think of horse racing, as it is known as the “horse capital of the world”, and this is the hub of it all.

9. Churchill Downs

Another great horse racing facility located in Kentucky is located in Louisville, Kentucky. This is another big hub for horse racing known by many, and is definitely worth checking out.

10. Rough River

Located in Falls of Rough, KY, this river is gorgeous. If you have a boat (or are lucky enough to know someone who does), it is easily a day well spent of your summer to be out on the water. If not, though, no worries! There is still plenty to do. Camping, renting a boat, kayak, canoe, you name it. There are also little beach areas to get in the water.

11. Lake Barkley

This is another place to go is you’re looking to get out on the water. Beautiful lake to go boating on, swimming or fishing in, or enjoy some hiking, and at the end of the day, come back to a nice campground or the state resort park to unwind.

12. Big Four Bridge (at night)

Last on the list is Louisville’s Big Four Bridge, which is lit up beautifully at night. Pedestrians can walk across this bridge and see the view of Louisville. Afterwards, walk the riverfront and do some shopping and dining in the town!

There are many things to do in Kentucky, and I hope this list helped you plan your next trip here 🙂

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